Venezuela's Valeria Fernandez captures the Chilean audience in the reality show

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The Venezuelan Valeria Fernández got this on Tuesday it third place in the second edition of the Red reality show, which takes place in chile.

to Valeria participate in this show, who began September 21, was a dream come true, began his turn in the competition, he gradually began to gain confidence on the stage.

His passage to the finals was certified by the subject "He lied to me"of Amanda Miguel, fall in love with the jury and achieve three votes in favor and two courage, again on the way to Luis Zapata who would later get to the final.

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The theme that gave it to him third place it was "Angels"of Robbie Williamshis powerful voice brought tears to his coach, Camilla Soto, who pointed out how beautiful it was to see the smallest of the participants grow.

Zuliana was grateful in the social networks, and sent a message of thanks and devotion to all the people who in some way supported her during the competition.

"Thanks to chile and to @rojotvn for receiving me and my family and giving me the opportunity to meet my goals and start my career as an artist, thanks for letting people know and know about my story, "Valeria said .

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