Vanessa Mai looks under her dress – and probably doesn't have panties

adminDecember 26, 2018

Vanessa Mai has little time left.

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Vanessa Mai is considered the revealing version of Helene Fischer. A new image with a very dense dress – and probably without panties – can burn this image.

Munich – What we didn't get to see everything from Vanessa Mai! Finally, she let her look deeply, and a detail of her right breast caused a stir. But most of the 26-year-old remains over the belt. But not with the Instagram image from Friday night!

It seems to be a mirror selfie. Vanessa Mai has a very, very short blanket dress and sits on the floor so the view below is not covered. The followers also noticed it. And some even looked closer.

Vanessa Mai receives these comments from the fans

"The poor girl!" Screaming a user. "Winter shoes, long-sleeved top, but then it was no longer enough for a panties. I have to have some old workout pants somewhere, I'll give them that. Merry Christmas." Another says, "Age you have horny legs." And that puts another flattering saying: "After Lena Meyer-Landrut and Lena Gercke, it's the hottest German !!!"

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Something on her left thigh also annoys someone: "What's down on the right," a user is wondering. Looks like something outside your body – or it's just the floor.

Vanessa Mai: Helene Fischer's comparison ensures Zoff among the fans

And it should not be ignored that in the comment column, the fans are blatantly interweaving. Reason: The old fee, Vanessa Mai, would copy Helene Fischer. Especially when it comes to outfits – such "shirt dresses" are already seen in the blonde.

Fans of Vanessa Mai and Helene Fischer seem to be very annoyed by such topics. "With Helene it compares annoyingly. Does it never stop? Red plaid is simply IN. When designing it is certainly not copied. Then you should not carry anything anymore. Everyone sees the clothes on others." There is no difference: Vanessa Mai has usually less than Helene Fischer. Unforgotten: her appearance in the ZDF TV garden.

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