Vanessa Blumhagen: Again a mega-decollete! Sat.1 Breakfast TV Woman Showing Apples

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Vanessa Blumhagen, known from Sat.1 breakfast TV, again sees a lot. But there is now too much for some.

Vanessa Blumhagen, the cordless expert from Sat.1 breakfast tv, likes to enjoy herself with her bristle size. We have already discussed this several times below. And it can't be overlooked on their Instagram account. Since the first picture of the new year was almost harmless, even though the dress is sharp and she commented on it with "Puuuh, it pops in!"

The reactions were already there. "Dreamgirl Vanessa, you always like to show your chest, why not playboy? Offers must be there without end. If we men want a" big "one," animated a fan them. But there were other opinions: "She looks like a liverwurst in a dress."

On Monday, Vanessa Blumhagen followed. And how! A new image landed on its own Instagram page and on Sat.1 breakfast TV. Blumhagen shows again with sumptuous décolleté. She holds two apples right in front of her breasts.

Clearly ambiguous.

This also applies to the post on breakfast TV, which states: "Good intentions should be observed. Therefore, Vanessa Blumhagen uses apples today. What did you think?"

Of course, someone jumped to the intended allusion. "Hot, sweet fruits", "Vanessa and her little apples, now I see fruit with different eyes", "Hammer Woman", "Schööööneeee apples Vanessa da", "incredibly sexy", "I think they are bigger than an apple" the corresponding reactions. Others are even more raw, so we will not render them here.

But sometimes it gets too much: "And again she will be in focus again, so boring," says a user. Another says, "Show yourself so primitive every time, very cheap. I hope the posts are embarrassing at a long shot … What a pity, Mrs Blumhagen."

Sat.1 breakfast TV woman shows up almost bust – What the young man thought?

Update of December 28, 2018: Sat.1 breakfast TV informs the public in the morning with the latest news, whether from politics, today's world events or celebrity world. Vanessa Blumhagen serves as a VIP figurehead. Lately the 41-year-old shines not only with the latest gossip, but rather with revealing attire.

Just three weeks ago, the beautiful presenter surprised in a dark trousers dress. Particularly striking, though: The transparent lace body and a mega split.

And again – from breakfast TV – Vanessa Blumhagen not stingy with her charm. In fact, a social media expert would interview the beautiful brunette about her new book. Whether the expert could focus on the conversation at this point of view, though?

To look at the still picture: The community expert in exactly the same outfit, which already occurred in early December. The flower garden seems to be comfortable in the dark pants dress with transparent body. The followers are absolutely thrilled with the revealing outfits of the 41-year-olds. However, many say: "It is very difficult to look neatly in the split."

Respecting: Social media expert Lars Urban presents himself as a true gentleman, sees her eyes constantly and cannot be distracted.

Update from December 19, 2018: By the way, it is not the first weak error that undermines Vanessa Blumhagen. At the end of October, she questioned her TV-colleague Marlene Lufen. Blumhagen suggested that she groped her breasts. Whether you really should do it?

Of course, the picture made a series of macho comments. "I would like to borrow a hand," one writes. "Well the horns knit correctly" another. "Dear Bi Than Never".

Many find the action fun. But some are also shocked by the action. A supporter: "What will happen now? You don't do that kind of thing."

Sat.1 woman attacked with her tight outfit completely wrong

Our article of December 11, 2018: Unterföhring – Vanessa Blumhagen is a community expert at Sat.1 breakfast TV. TV woman likes to dress sexy – and she can afford it. But with her outfit on Monday, she exaggerated it from many viewers. There was a slight blast on her Instagram page.

Outfit in Sat.1 breakfast tv provokes complaints by the spectators

Her sexy and transparent top showed her thin stomach and emphasized her cleavage. Being provocative from many. "The top doesn't work. It belongs in a red candlestick!", Judged an Instagram commentator. "I think the top is not so suitable for television. Is a little too revealing to me," another said. "I'm anything but a prude, but I think it's all in the bowl," complained a male fan in the comment section. "It looks like you've pulled up your pantyhose," another blasphemed. "Since women want with all their strength in Playboy," another Instagram user speculated.

On the other hand, there was also much praise for the bold outfit of other fans of the presenter: "Fantastic!", "Grenade!", "You see very hot" they found.

Video: TV presenter Vanessa Blumhagen reveals quite clearly

Blumhagen likes to show his body and repeatedly gives the viewer deep insight. As with this broadcast of breakfast TV in October:

Invitation to Vanessa Blumhagen: "Pack your breasts!"

The TV expert's bust was even a problem at Sat.1's breakfast tv. On the red carpet of the German television premium 2018, she almost carried the breasts to the conversation. Moderator colleague Ruth Moschner asked her directly: "Pack your breasts again!"

So Blumhagen likes to push the boundaries in front of the camera – certainly not for the last time.

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