Valentina & Cheyenne Pahde: ​​Hot picture appeared! Fans are watching!

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Valentina Pahde and the twin sister Cheyenne are hotter than ever on Instagram.

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The pahde twins are now quite warm on the ice and let fall to cool the covers.

Munich – The Pahde Twins, Valentina and Cheyenne (24), got a high profile primarily through their actor. Since three years, the Pahde sisters have been in the drama business. At that time, they were cast to the role of Katharina Arnhoff in the ZDF series "Forsthaus Falkenau". After almost 4 years, Valentina and Cheyenne said goodbye to the series, followed by occasional guest appearances in other productions.

Valentina and Cheyenne Pahde: ​​Breakthrough on RTL

Both made their breakthrough a few years ago. Since 2015, Valentina Pahde has been representative of Sunny Richter in the RTL hit series "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" (GZSZ), while Cheyenne Pahde has been part of the RTL soap "Alles was zählt" (AWZ) since 2016. Now they came together again. In "Holiday on Ice", the blondes appeared in their appearance on runners elegant and seductive on the ice and afterwards spiky backstage images,

Pahde twin sister is inseparable.

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Valentina and Cheyenne Pahde: ​​The hot ice cream

While the sisters here are still girly innocent, the two may be very different. Both Valentina and EZ actress Cheyenne have shown a lot of skin in their private lives. When shooting, the two beautiful sisters are usually dressed, however. Their work is that the Pahde twins are no longer limited to serial productions. The star women, whose faces are difficult to distinguish at first glance, have worked their way up to absolute allround rounds. In addition to their career as actresses, they are also successful as influencers and models. Is it more? Yes of course. The sisters haven't had enough and celebrate the next highlight of their career: For the second time perform this year together in the ice entertainment show "Holiday on Ice",

The two were already in 2017/18 at the ice stage of "Atlantis" and also return to the anniversary trip (75th anniversary) back. Valentina and Cheyenne have known art skirts since childhood, so the twins did not have to think about engaging in "Holiday on Ice". When GZSZ star Valentina Pahde was asked last year, "I didn't have to ask Cheyenne and just came in for both of us "she tells "spot on news". The twins know each other inside out. Valentina will be the start of the next success story of the twins. Eulogy by Peter O & # 39; Keeffe, CEO of the company, says it all: "The two are the execution of what "Holiday on Ice" is all about. The two girls pursue a dream. They are dedicated, passionate and talented. That's what we need for "Holiday on Ice," Keeffe doesn't even come out of swarming.

Valentina and Cheyenne Pahde: ​​The twins were on the ice, probably too hot

The blondi ballerinas are also enthusiastic for the engagement: "Whatever show, be it the first or the last, I am always excited," admits the GZSZ beauty Valentina Pahde, and her sister Cheyenne adds: "It's a completely different and new feeling, you get the audience applauded, and you can tell if they find something great, which is super exciting." With all the horror scenes and exhausting performances that the Pahde twins experience on "Holiday on Ice", it's no wonder they both start sweating. Behind the scenes, costumes need to be swiftly replaced for bathrobes. The fans will be happy. For AWZ star Cheyenne Pahde, the bathrobe seems to slip off the shoulder at any time, providing deep insight …

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