Vainazo of Negra Candela & # 39; for CM & for "cheating" with channel 1 premiere rating

adminJanuary 10, 2019

And, after the premiere of the third season of the series, which was previously transferred by Caracol, the news program said the production had scored 8.9 points, as the figure that Ibope shared the next day was 4.3.

Belky Arizala, Catalina Maya, Andrea Serna, Carolina Castro, Juan Carlos Giraldo, Pilar Castaño and Franklin Ramos, from & # 39; La Agencia & # 39 ;; and Carolina Guerra and Édgar Vittorino, from & # 39; Reto 4 Elementos & # 39;

Channel 1 press team, however, managed to Pulzo that what they reported in CM & immediately after the premiere of "Sin senos si hay paraíso & # 39; corresponds to the number of households, while the one who became known later refers to people.

Without breasts yes it is paradise

According to the channel, "Street Day is provided with a measurement provided by Ibope in real time, but there is a data that is not processed, just one approach".

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