V de BTS demonstrates how kind you are in the 33rd Golden Disc Awards

adminJanuary 7, 2019

During the celebration of 33rd Golden Disc Awards There were many things to remember. One of them is the magic moment when we saw V by BTS has a very kind work with the boys to NOW & EST; and with Paul Kim.

On the second day off 33rd Golden Disc Awards, guys from NOW & EST; They returned to their respective seats after climbing the stage and making the presentation. When they returned to their places, they realized they were missing a chair.

The boys to NOW & EST; They were a few minutes to think about how to accommodate now that there were only three chairs and not four. They decided that two would sit while the other two would remain standing behind. That's when it comes in V of BTS in action and offer them one chair that he went to get for them, then he returned to his place and Jimin He gave him a pat in approval for his good deed. This moment was recorded in video.

In another moment and by the fateful, only the boys are BTS and Paul Kim, which was quite separate from each other. See this, V of BTS he invited Paul Kim to sit next to them. later, Paul Kim published in Instagram a picture next to it BTS and declared that he is now a fan of them. We have no doubt about that V is god of kindness.

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