Usher sends divorce from Grace Miguel

adminDecember 29, 2018

Love comeback excluded: R & B star Usher and yet-wife Grace Miguel divorced.

R&B star Usher (40) has officially filed for divorce from his still wife Grace Miguel (49), according to TMZ. The couple already announced their separation in March: Apparently, the herpes complaints against the American singer were too much for the marriage.

In July 2017, Usher was known to infect an ex-law with herpes several years ago and had to pay her $ 1.1 million in compensation. According to legal documents available on "Radar Online", Usher was diagnosed with the sexually transmitted disease in 2009. After the sex scandal became known to the music, three more herpes victims reported to the singer.

Court documents issued December 24, 2017 as the date of separation of Usher and Grace Miguel. "We both decided to distinguish as a couple. We remain deeply attached, love friends and will continue to support us," it said in a joint statement. Usher and Miguel got their word in 2015 and have no children together. (KAD)

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