Usher filed for genital herpes affair divorce

adminDecember 29, 2018

Now it will be resolved: According to the gossip magazine "TMZ", American singer Usher (40) has submitted the divorce papers. The divorce from wife Grace Miguel (49) comes just a few months after the intimate herpes affair of the star. Usher is said to have had unprotected sex with at least four people – and none of that was his wife. Since 2009, the singer knew about venereal disease. Still, he rejected condoms.

Now Usher and his wife separate Grace. In a joint statement in March 2018, the two said: "After much consideration, we have decided to distinguish as a couple, we remain deeply linked and love friends who will support each other in the next stages of life." But completely harmonious, the separation after the genital herpes affair should not have been lost.

Plaintiff only 19 years old

One of the plaintiffs was Uzer's former stylist Quantasia Sharpton, who was only 19 years old. She went public after the incident in 2017 and reported that at a Usher concert, security staff had contacted her and asked for her number. A few hours later Usher arrived in his hotel room. In the sexual act he had deliberately rejected a condom and did not inform her of his sexually transmitted disease.

Sharpton had not been infected, but he still complained. Grace still believed in her husband's innocence.

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