USA: Stops on the road for kids to go to service and win the lottery twice

adminDecember 29, 2018

The man, who first believed that he had won, explained that he would allocate the money to the home loan.

A man named Travis Porch won two Cash Money lottery prizes at one store – one for $ 15 and another for 150,000 – after stopping along the way as he went with the family to watch the Christmas lights in front of the ocean. Virginia Beach (Virginia, USA), after his children asked him to stop because they had to go to the service, told the parents the state's lottery office, which echoes the news through his website

According to Porch's words, he could first believe in happiness, and he asked to confirm that it was the right information and that he had won the first prize. He also explained that the money will not be spent and that he will use it to pay the home loan.

The chances of winning the first prize in this lottery are one of 1,040,400, while those who win another prize in this game are one in 4.01. It's about other person taking the pot in this game, although there were two other people who had the lucky ticket, even though they did not claim the money that corresponded to them.

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