Uranissima. Taurus forecast for week 7-13 January 2019

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Uranissima. Taurus forecast for week 7-13 January 2019

Between January 5 and 7, there are quite a few problems with consciousness. After a natural deadline, Taurus will return to the important aspects of their lives and will meditate on how they will respond to commands.

They will analyze their attachments to ideas, beliefs, hopes, people, and the projects that motivated them, but now appear to be a burden or useless victim. In their desire to build their lives as stable and profitable as possible, these natives will come to the conclusion that in some preconditions for life, commerce or social engagement, they must only give up what is currently the ultimate violation is not possible yet.

Re-evaluate personal projects involving addressing of areas of activity that they need to prepare, learning from special states of consciousness generated by the New Moon phase in Capricorn, accompanied by a partial solar eclipse on the sixth day of January, which will mark all the deficiencies in today's lifestyle. Between January 7, 08:46 and January 9, any unpleasant surprises, delicate situations, tangles that come on the professional side can be public. They will particularly target those with positions, rank and decision making.

On January 7, Venus enters the Sagittarius sign, a sign that stays until February 4, 2019, and will introduce a good chance of winning something, receiving good material, and giving it an advantage, facilitating their material security . Between January 9, after April 21, and January 11, there are pleasant meetings with close friends, as they are at the same wavelength. Hope and joint projects that are pictured together with those for recreational, cultural or spiritual purposes or cultural educationally comprehensive public openness.

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