Urania Forecast for January 5-11, 2019

adminJanuary 9, 2019


Between 5 and 7 January, Aries will face the issue of public image, professional authority, responsibility or the exercise of an important social, political, economic role: opposition, rivalry, competition, opposition from individuals to their initiatives or decisions. Aries will find that they do not evolve, that they cannot defeat obstacles to communication, understanding or cooperation, so mature and experienced practitioners will tend to be categorical and important. Possible event of importance to the native career around January 6, when the New Moon phase of Capricorn will take place, accompanied by a partial eclipse of the Sun, which will set the beginning of a one-year cycle that the natives must be cautious because it will contain favorable and unfavorable data for their socio-professional development. Between January 7 at 08:46 and January 9, unpleasant surprises arise from friends or destabilizing information about their life and activity, which would make it native to analyzing the fate of their relationship or cooperation. On January 7, Venus enters the Sagittarius sign, a sign that stays until February 4, 2019, where it will favorably affect the higher education sector, areas of knowledge knowledge, or high society justice, politics, education). Some will have the opportunity to complete their studies, improve, travel, expand their knowledge horizon, or be accepted into foundations, organizations, celebrations, universities. Between January 9, after 21.44 and January 11, a quieter stage, their spirit, warmed up by struggles and demanding events, will need silence and isolation.


Between January 5 and 7, there are quite a few problems with consciousness. After a natural deadline, Taurus will return to the important aspects of their lives and will meditate on how they will respond to commands. They will analyze their attachments to ideas, beliefs, hopes, people, and the projects that motivated them, but now appear to be a burden or useless victim. In their desire to build their lives as stable and profitable as possible, these natives will come to the conclusion that in some preconditions for life, commerce or social engagement, they must only give up what is currently the ultimate breach is not possible yet. Re-evaluate personal projects involving addressing of areas of activity that they need to prepare, learning from special states of consciousness generated by the New Moon phase in Capricorn, accompanied by a partial solar eclipse on the sixth day of January, which will mark all the deficiencies in today's lifestyle. Between January 7, 08:46 and January 9, potentially unpleasant surprises, delicate situations, professional confusion may be public. They will particularly target those with positions, rank and decision making. On January 7, Venus enters the Sagittarius sign, a sign that stays until February 4, 2019, and will introduce a good chance of winning something, receiving good material, and giving it an advantage, facilitating their material security . Between 9 January, after 21.44 and 11 January, pleasant meetings meet with close friends, as they have the same wavelength. Hope and joint projects that are pictured together with those for recreational, cultural or spiritual purposes or cultural educationally comprehensive public openness.


Between January 5 and 7, situations that conflict with interest in raising money, merchandise, or material benefits will be multiplied and strengthened. An unmanageable framework of action is enumerated, hostile individuals by the natives who interfere with their injury. Inability to arrive at these days to an understanding with the parties involved in an inheritance process, partition, material recovery. But when these barriers are identified, natives will be able to build a strategy based on the people, the situations, and the institutional mechanisms that hinder them. On January 6, when the New Moon phase in Capricorn will take place, accompanied by a partial eclipse of the Sun, Gemini may have a moment of clairvoyance or fair judgment, freed from insecurity and subjectivism, allowing them to see the reality of its true size and meaning. Between January 7, after 8:46 and January 9, not all the ideas that go through the minds must be implemented. On January 7, Venus enters the Sagittarius sign, which remains until February 4, 2019; It will create favorable premises until February 4, 2019 for meetings, negotiations, principle discussions, settlement of legal and honest conflicts and litigation. The ability to unite with the people they competed with or with hostility. Good coherence to defend yourself with documents or witnesses or to take advantage of the principle of those who hear and judge them. Between 9 January, after 21.44 and 11 January, pleasant, flattering or venerable moments about career, name and public image. Gemini will feel sympathetic, sympathetic, admired by partners or the public.

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