Upset between Dumitrescu and Scarlatecs, on "Chefi on the knives": "Stop talking to him!" VIDEO

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Chef Florin Dumitrescu broke out when one of Scarlătescu's torn a piece of paper towel from the team's bench, claiming that the yellow layer repeatedly uses this pretext to sabotage it.

Regreted on the heights, he stumbled into the yellow layer's workbench to show them that there were paper towels there.

From here, a real scandal broke between the two chefs, Scarlatecs being disturbed by Dumitrescu reaching one of the team's records. The two of them resorted to embarrassment.

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"We really panic then," "I thought they were fighting," the incident had commented.

"Well, if I catch you on this bench, I'm driving for you," shouted Dumitrescu on the yellow team, while Scarlatecs replied, "Come on, let's go!"

"I have no cause to destroy his plates, that he has spoiled himself," said Florin Dumitrescu later, while Scarlatecs said, "And what? Can't you take napkins or what?"

"When we come to a stage like this, where I have the feeling that you are sending your competition to destroy my entire story when I assemble, my friend, I have nothing to do," he said to chef Dumitrescu.

"I'm not talking to him anymore. I have nothing to talk to this man, he can't talk. Last season didn't take me out of misery, and I didn't react. Sharp knives to start removing our kidneys," said Catalin Scarlatecs.

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