Update of the jewel in the crown of Daniel Bryan: Samoa Joe to face AJ Styles

adminOctober 31, 2018

Samoa Joe will now face AJ Styles after Daniel Bryan refused to participate.

Daniel Bryan will not be part of the controversial WWE Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia.

Mike Johnson, of PWInsider, reported Tuesday morning that Bryan would not travel to Saudi Arabia and that the scheduled game for Bryan's WWE Championship against AJ Styles, to be held at the Crown Jewel, the episode was held Tuesday night. Slap. After the match, Samoa Joe attacked Styles in the ring, setting an angle at which he would replace Bryan as Styles' opponent in Saudi Arabia.

Robbie Fox of Barstool Sports reported last week that Bryan and John Cena refused to participate in the program. Dinner left the show on Monday night. Raw, being replaced by Bobby Lashley in the eight-man World Cup tournament.

Johnson reports that initially WWE planned for Bryan and Styles to fight at the WWE Performance Center in Florida, record the game and broadcast it during the Crown Jewel, although those plans were discarded. WWE also avoided recording the Bryan-Styles game on Tuesday in Atlanta and broadcasting it during the Saudi show.

Following the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, WWE has faced a significant negative reaction to its decision to go ahead with the show, which is part of a 10-year agreement between the promotion and the Saudi government. WWE announced last week that it would hold the program as scheduled due to its "contractual obligations."

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