Unusual and fun stuff from Golden Globes 2019

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Lady Gaga had diamonds worth more than $ 5 million

For those who believed the dress that Lady Gaga had on the Golden Globe Gala was great, the surprise came when they found out the amount of jewelry used by the singer.

Nominated for the "Best Actress Award," Gaga hailed Judy Garland for the dress she wore. And the outfit designed specifically for her by Valentino Haute Couture was accessorized with jewelry at Tiffany.

The artist first introduced the Tiffany Aurora chain, a jewel made specifically for her, which includes 300 brilliant diamonds, including a 20 carat in the middle.

Gaga has also added diamond earrings from Tiffany & Co. Worth about $ 115,000 and three bracelets from the same house, including diamonds, worth $ 130,000, $ 145,000, and $ 45,000.

Hollywood Reporter writes that the total value of diamonds worn by Lady Gaga was $ 5 million.

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Lupita Nyong's had $ 45 shoes for the Golden Globes

Inside a sea of ​​clothing and accessories made by the world's largest fashion designers and designers, Nyong & # 39; Lupita – known as one of the most spectacular looks of the red carpet – chose to have a surprisingly affordable pair of sandals as a prize.

The actor in "Black Panther" appeared on the red carpet in a blue dress Calvin Klein and a pair of sandals in stores for $ 45, made by Aldo Leventer.

The shoes fit perfectly with the actor, and no one would say they are so cheap for clothes.

Jamela Jamil wore jeans under her Golden Globe dress

Jamela Jamil appeared at night in the Golden Globes that he has some tricks in his sleeve, or better under the skirt.

In order not to be cold at the Golden Globes, the actor in "Good Place" had a pair of jeans under the lovely Monique Lhuillier dress on the red carpet.

"An experienced woman wears jeans under the Golden Globe Dress, because it's very cold," Jamil wrote on Twitter along with a movie that showed the fans dressed under the dress: "I Refuse to Cool for Fashion," said the actress on Instagram.

The temperature in Los Angeles when stars came on the red carpet was 12 degrees Censius, writes Page six.

Melissa McCarthy gave sandwiches to the Golden Globe participants

Golden Globe Dinner is served before the event, which is the television, which causes many actors to starve to the place where the awards are held.

This year, actor Melissa McCarthy thought she would help her colleagues not get hungry and brought with her 30 sandwiches with ham and cheese she shared with those who wanted.

"We gave them to everyone," McCarthy Variety told. "Next year I bring sausages."

Spectacular and emotional speeches on stage

The 2019 Golden Globe Gala was not without fun moments and began with talks by the main presenters of the event, Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg. Another fun moment was when actors Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler enjoyed a marriage request on stage.

Christian Bale raised his voice with his speech after winning the Best Actor trophy in a comedy / musical film ("Vice"), interpreting former US vice president Dick Cheney. The star thanked Satan for the inspiration that offered and laughed with laughter.

Don't miss the dramatic moments! One of them was when the Queen King, awarded the Golden Globe for a secondary role, promised on stage that she would fight for equality and give women 50% of all roles in the next films they want to produce.

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