¿Unrecognizable? Look at the "New Skin" by Alejandra Guzmán (Photo)

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Again Alejandra Guzmán He again worries his fans, who now seem to not recognize her in the last picture he published in his personal accounts, and which represents an undeniable new aesthetic facial retouch. "New Skin" was the phrase that followed the controversial post that has thousands of "Like" and many other comments from the followers.

Although the image is obviously digitally retouched, it is clear that singer It looks much smoother and more perfect than before, which provoked all kinds of comments and reactions to Instagram. The majority charged directly against the Mexican diva, advising her that it was not necessary to go so far with the changes in her physical appearance. "I have always admired you, but my beauty, no more operations, be so unknown, aging with pride, but real," was one of the comments.

"New skin and horrible face!" or "There was no need to get to the extreme of the grotesque, you were cool, but … What really needs" was other messages that fans left in the feed dedicated to the comments of Alejandra. While many others defended and attributed everything to a poor photographic edition. "They are poor retouching of the images when they want to understand it!"

It should be remembered Guzman He was on the verge of death when he underwent surgery in 2009 to increase the size of his buttocks. A few days after the intervention, the severe lower back pain began and after a medical examination, the doctors found that the liquid injected was biopolymer, a substance used for the manufacture of glass and plastic, and whose use in the human body has serious consequences.

Look at the controversial new image of Alejandra below:

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