Unrecognizable! Alejandra Guzmán's new and weird face amazes in networking [FOTOS]

adminDecember 31, 2018

Alejandra Guzmán is in full view of the hurricane after publishing a photograph in which, according to his fans, looks full of botox, which has caused some discomfort among his followers, claiming that the singer does not look good from this way.

A picture released by singer Alejandra Guzmán has surprised his followers, and you can see Silvia Pinal's daughter with another face. Was it a new operation?

In one of the recent publications, the performer of the famous song "Eternamente bella bella" is observed with a face that is very different from what we always see. His followers said his face was very "stretched, neat, with larger lips", even memes could not miss, and pointed to various signs like a mockery.

This picture has not stopped and caused astonishment in its fans, insisting that the face looks like "strange" and repeats that they do not like what it looks like.

Many assure that it appears that the actor refused to grow old, as she would continue to use aesthetic operations on the face and body in general. For its part, some defender saying that it is not a new operation would simply misuse a touch-up in Photoshop.

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