United States: Lion Kills Intern at Tierpark Conservators Center in Burlington

adminDecember 31, 2018

In an American zoo, a lion attacked and killed a young intern. The attack happened on Sunday's cleaning of the Lion Shelf, the Zoo Conservators Center in Burlington, North Carolina said. The 22-year-old student had completed an internship in the zoo and had worked there for just ten days, said the Sheriff's office in Caswell County later Sunday in a statement.

The zoo was "shocked" by the accident. A trained expensive keeper had therefore instructed Sunday's "routine" cleaning work in the cabinet. One of the lions "somehow" came from a locked area to the area where the people were. There he killed the young woman "fast".

Police officers were summoned after the incident had first attempted to dump the lion. After several attempts had failed, the animal had been shot to safely restore the young woman's body.

The woman had recently completed her studies. She was a zoophile and wanted to spend a lifetime working with animals, says park director Mindy Stinner in tears at a press conference. She had been involved in several internships with animals, last with wolves, said the family of the victim, according to US media. "She died while following her passion."

The attacker was a male lion named Matthai, the station reported CBS, referring to investigators. He was previously described by the park as "naturally a little nervous", it said. In a list of lions in the park, the name Matthai is now missing.

Around 80 wild animals, including about 20 large cats, live in the reception. Most of them have been liberated by authorities from poor living conditions and placed there, according to the park's website.

So far, it is unclear how the lion could have left the rounded area, the zoo explained. The animal had never left the fenced enclosure. The zoo was temporarily closed to visitors.

Even in Germany, there have been serious incidents with large cats in recent years – but also with other animals:

  • In October this year, a 19-year-old attack on a zoo in Saxony-Anhalt by a tiger. The predator was placed in an area that was not accessible to the public. According to a police spokesman, the accident occurred during feeding. As the zoo said, the tigers had beaten the man through the fenced fence.
  • In Marloffstein in Franconia in September horse a horse a zookeeper. In the incident, the 58-year-old suffered major injuries on Saturday afternoon in the neck, which the police announced. According to previous studies, the woman was in one of the horses on the stud when the horse attacked her. She was revived by a doctor on site and then taken to hospital.
  • In 2017, a carnivore was attacked and injured by a leopard in the Chemnitz Zoo. But the goalkeeper had left the closet himself and could close the doors behind him, said the administration of the Saxon town. The same animal had killed in November 2006, a 23-year-old nurse at a neckbone. The woman had wanted to clean the cage.
  • After the onset of two lions in the Leipzig Zoo in 2016, one of the animals has been killed. Etosha lion had to shoot because the anesthetic did not work. The two big cats had moved freely at Zoogelgel√§nde; However, the situation was, according to a spokeswoman for the zoo, after a short time in control. A special emergency plan has started.
  • In Berlin in 2007, a musk bull smashed a zoo on the fence of the pen. The woman had forgotten to close the security door to the security door. The woman died of internal bleeding. She was alone with the animal when the accident was. Only with elephants and poisonous snakes did the zooksters work in pairs, explained the management of the zoo.

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