Unfortunately, Vladimir Gaitan … Fans are in LACRIMI

adminJanuary 7, 2019

For 30 years, actressl Vladimir Găitan fights with a form of blood cancer, every day a battle is won.
On Tuesday's 72th anniversary, which he celebrates on February 2, Vladimir Găitan was celebrated on the stage of comedy theater on January 5. The event also coincided with the 58th anniversary of the theater's operation.
The actor, of course changed tired and in pain, climbed the stage and thanked his colleagues for this special tribute.

"I feel that the end is near me, so I don't want to miss the theater's anniversary, an event of this size. I love this theater and have been on the stage for years. I'm glad my daughter is playing here too. When I first started, a fireman was hired, who initially pulled into the scene and took the cigarette out of a colleague's mouth. He was immediately thrown out to dare to do so. I am happy to have played for many years in important pieces at the theater stage and I have not been forgotten, says the master.

On his left hand, Vladimir Găitan had a leukoplast, a sign that he had a grid a few hours ago, clicks.

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