Unexpectedly in & # 39; You on TV! & # 39; Leaves Manuel Luís Goucha shocked: "This is witch!"

adminJanuary 11, 2019


This Friday the 11th, the live broadcast of "You on TV!" was interrupted twice. Something like that again Manuel Luís Goucha Shocked and believing that none of this is by chance.

TVI's program was normal when all the lights in the studio went off short. "This is witch!" responded to the presenter, maintaining a calm attitude. However, the problem has returned. Moments later, the lights went out again. There Goucha has already revealed a more indignant attitude. "I'm not saying this is witch?"

Despite this, the question continued without major problems. Nevertheless, it was the idea that the presenter believed that these moments did not happen by accident.

It is recalled that in recent times the program "You on TV!" has been involved in some controversial situations. First, the interview with Mário Machado, was heavily criticized in social networks. Then the absence of Alexander Frota after being announced as a guest in the program. The audience lower than "Cristina's Program" at SIC may also cause discomfort.

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