Um, did Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson get matching tattoos after the break?

adminNovember 24, 2018

Even after canceling your commitment, Ariana GrandeY Pete Davidson They still cling to one piece of the other.

The pop singer has covered several tattoos she got in honor of her ex-boyfriend, but it seems that her most recent retouching actually matches A new Pete tattoo. Millennials, right?

Let's break it down: shortly before the news of your division became headlines more than a month ago, the SNL The star covered a tattoo inspired by Ariana & # 39; s. Dangerous woman Album with a big black heart. Now, Ariana is shaking a mysteriously similar black heart on her finger, where she once inked herself a small tattoo of Pete's name.

The singer of "Sweetener" showed the tattoo while promoting her next music video for "Thank U, Next".

While the coordinating ink of Ariana and Pete could be purely coincidental, it can not be denied that the black heart has become symbolic for the newly single artist.

"Is the black heart some kind of tea or am I coming?", A fan recently asked Ariana after she tweeted a series of black emoji hearts, to which she replied: "I'm empty and my heart is now black".

Even more recently, the 25-year-old revealed that her next album will provoke a vibe similar to melancholy.

Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson


"Everything happened in the course of about 3 of the worst weeks of my life, we gave it as much light as we could [though]", he wrote on Twitter on Friday, referring to his separation from Davidson and the death of his ex-boyfriend. Mac Miller.

She joked in another tweet: "Your girl was sad and inspired."

Likewise, Pete has remained remarkably sincere about the separation and even made fun of his tattoo artist making several home visits once he was officially single.

"I'm f – king 0 for 2 on the tattoo [department]. Yes, I'm afraid of getting my mom tattooed, that's how bad it is, "joked the comedian during a standup set.

"So, obviously you know, I [Ariana and I] We broke up or whatever, but when she and she got engaged for the first time, we got tattoos, "he continued later. And it was like in a magazine like & # 39; Was Pete Davidson stupid? & # 39; And 93 percent. Of that he said yes. So, my boy, he was like, "Do not listen to that man – man. They are, literally, kings who hate. And I'm like, & # 39; Yes, f – k that. I'm not stupid. & # 39; And the other day we were in my kitchen and he told me: & # 39; Yo brother. It turns out that you were stupid. "

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