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adminDecember 31, 2018

Monday clock in front of the record holder is possible, but lets let lets let Pazartesi Pazartesi Pazartesi Pazartesi Pazartesi Pazartesi underneath The amazing series Show TV screens came to the audience with a fantastic flash of UK no weeks.

Yama waiting for Ersoy in the last block betrayed by someone found in the forest near the nearest.

ukur yama ld m who shot?

In the past, Yama & # 39; who were the subject of the curiosity of the social media accounts of Yama's rumors & # 39; Meanwhile, the organ transplanted to do.

When will a new blm be released?

Show TV will be released this week with a series of pits released on the screen 49. blm and with the new blm Monday January 7 meet with gn lovers.

Week 49 49. trailer released?

The Fenomenon series ukur new trailer has not been released this week.

What is the last blm

The sounds of the sound to be heard in the pit begin a whole new era when the new and the arrow become a frankmann's messenger! Karakuz will have to escape from the pit after death. Koovallar, ukuri back to the question of the question of aliyor question to wait blunt, blood pressure will not even for a moment. Karakuzular, pit to take someone to the end of ukraine will use to the end. Patch, Happiness and baby's life, the brother will support Vartoluya they will do their best to save. Meanwhile, Selimin Cumalinin will have the feeling of death against Cumalini. Koovals will live happily after a long time together. One of the main characters in the pit will change the tm balance at the time of unexpected shooting.

ukur 49.Blm trailer Show Tv new trailer

Yama, Ersoydan will continue to receive intelligence for Eto and the product will be planted in an unexpected situation. Vartolu eto and queen of teeth between knee teeth and fracture of Alion's clue to catch the tip, come closer to the day. Selim and Sultann are expected to wait. drisin ataca adm will change tm balances.

The boy's children will be in the hands of Karakuzus and develop Yama and Cumaliyi in the neighborhood. kili, metin and kemalle with the kids to move to a beautiful surprise. To be able to thrive and become etoya Vartolunun srrn, one of the ponies will be colors and Vartoliyle. The Sultan, who was curious to wait for this person, would take the sand to Sena, Aye, Akn and Karacaya. Meanwhile, Mahsun will play new games to be near Senaya. Yama, Senaya himself Fixed Tantan phelenirken this command, eto and whether Mahsun Ersoydan will receive intelligence. Cumali won't be comfortable without finding out who the area is.

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