Two other Marvel programs on Netflix could be in danger, according to this warning sign: BGR

adminOctober 27, 2018

In retrospect, it should not have been such a surprise when Netflix in recent days announced a couple of cancellations: Marvel's. Iron fist Y Luke Cage Netflix shows, of course, it keeps its audience figures close to the vest, so we never know if something is a success or an error based on that metric.

But we do have something else to do: chat on social networks. And as you might suspect, conversations on social networks and rumors related to Iron fist Y Luke Cage essentially both had fallen off a cliff before Netflix gave both shows the ax.

Using the data provided by the consumer information company Crimson Hexagon, Business Insider He reported that "when the first season of Luke Cage Presented in September 2016, there were more than 300,000 Twitter and Instagram posts about it. That number had a big drop when the second season was launched in June, with less than 50,000 publications. "

For the critically ridiculed Iron fist, same story. After the first season that debuted in 2017, it won almost 120,000 posts on Twitter and Instagram. The second season, meanwhile, never achieved more than 20,000 positions.

It is not a perfect indicator, in any way. However, could you give us a clue about the fate of two other Marvel programs on Netflix: Jessica Jones Y Reckless.

Again, for BI: "The good news for Reckless Y Jessica Jones is that the results are not as dramatic as for Luke Cage Y Iron fist. The bad news is that there is a remarkable pattern in which interest has wavered after the first seasons of shows.

"There were almost 300,000 posts on Twitter and Instagram for the first season of Jessica Jones. That was cut in half when the second season was launched this year. Reckless, the Netflix Marvel program of longest duration to date in three seasons, has seen a decline in the rise of social networks over time, but less than the other programs. The first season in 2015 had almost 275,000 publications, while the second season saw a little over 200,000. "That's not a big drop, and the recently launched third season inspired around 75,000 publications in mid-October, which means that number could increase by the end of the month."

According to the data of Crimson Hexagon, despite the fall in the chat of social networks, the general feeling of the four shows has been mostly positive. Reckless got the highest feeling score, with 79 percent, with Iron fist Entering the lowest, at 53 percent. Of course, time will tell whether the decrease in the buzz of social networks around the programs coincides with more cancellations.

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