Two beggars rushed into another's house and prepared dinner

adminDecember 30, 2018

Two homeless men were charged with theft after a California man said he came home and found them cooking dinner.

Robby Spillman tells KNBC-TV that he returned from Christmas shopping last Friday to find the men in his Santa Monica apartment.

Spillman says that the men, who stank and wore dirty and torn clothes, told him that they had not waited at home so soon and asked if they could "hang out" for a while.

Spillman says he continued to play, asked if they had enough food, and was allowed to take his French bulldog for a ride and called 911.

Marquis White, 19, and Elijah Smart, 29, were arrested. It is not clear whether they have a lawyer.

Meanwhile, Spillman and his pregnant girlfriend are planning to find a new home.

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