"Two beautiful presents." SIC invests in the promotion of "Lip Sync". Watch the video – The Television

adminJanuary 10, 2019

It was in December last year that TV first hand the new program selected by SIC, whose mission was to replace Married to First Watch on Sunday night from the station on Impresa. Last week, Daniel Oliveira presented the program to the press and in recent days, through social networking, several campaigns have been launched to the program.

The production of Shine Iberia will turn on the screen next Sunday and will meet Dance with the stars, by TVI, who in the meantime regained his breath and returned to the public leadership. In one of the last promos, the new pair of presenters appears, in a reference to what the competitors must do in the format, in one playback, to announce the main attractions of this first edition.

Each week, a group of four well-known competitors will face a "match", in "total play". The goal is to be able to imitate the most iconic pop world, while being fun moments.

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