Twitter video shows how Drake kisses and pits a 17 year old

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Canadian hitman Drake has been in trouble after a video appeared on Twitter showing that he was flirting with a little girl, kissing her and even fighting her breasts. For this he must now take great criticism.

Twitter user "@thespookgod"have it video recently uploaded and set the stone rolling. The clip has been clicked just under four million times and now provides discussion. The recording is from the year 2010. The now 32-year-old Drake was at that time still 23, the girl – and that makes the clip especially spicy – just 17.

On the video you can see how Drake at a concert in Colorado asks a girl who calls on stage public to dance first, then kisses her neck and puts her arms back on her breasts and stretches them.

That his action is not entirely clean, the music seemed to suspect even then. In the video, he says, "I'm in trouble because of that shit, how old are you?" After the girl manages him for his tender age, he puts it in disbelief: "I can't go to jail, man, why do you look like that?"

Nevertheless, the rapper could not keep his fingers from the spectator. Finally, there was a kiss on the cheeks, forehead and finally on the mouth. He said, "I don't know if I should be guilty or not, but I had fun, I like how breasts feel on my body, I just want to thank you."

In the network, the Canadians for their action are now highly hostile. Whether he also expects a legal successor, it is not known.

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