Twitter Fox News schools about "What movies are" after Gun Story played Jamie Lee Curtis

adminOctober 10, 2018


Twitter people scoffed at Fox News for an online article that seemed to criticize actor Jamie Lee Curtis, who controlled guns, for brandishing a gun in his new movie "Halloween."

"Curtis' on-screen actions contrast with his real-life character as a gun control advocate," Fox News wrote in the article published on Wednesday. She was "one of several Hollywood actors who use firearms in their movies while preaching against them offstage," he added.

Curtis has repeatedly called for the reform of the arms law and has advocated the prohibition of assault weapons:

Some people on Twitter, responding to the Fox News tweet, argued that Curtis should not glorify violence with guns in his films if he is against the use of firearms in real life.

But most respondents pointed out that Curtis was playing a fictional role (whose character Laurie Strode argues in defense of serial killer Michael Myers), and asked if Fox News really knew "what movies are" and "had heard of the acting".

"Halloween" hits theaters on October 19.

Check the trailer here:


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