Alec Baldwin says he beat Donald Trump in the 2020 election! Rob Smith (@robsmithonline) has all the details.

The Twitterverse wonders if Alec Baldwin has spent too much time playing President Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live."

In an interview published on Wednesday, Baldwin, 60, told the Hollywood reporter that "since I played Trump, the blacks love me. "

The actor continued: "I think it's because they're more afraid of Trump, I'm not going to paint all African-Americans with the same brush, but a large number of them are sitting going," this is going to be bad for the black people "

His comments did not sit well with some users of social networks, which made a blatant comparison between Baldwin and the presidential character portrayed in "SNL".

"Predator" star Olivia Munn asked Baldwin for "receipts."

"I need evidence of this, there are many innocent blacks you call and you should not be able to do it without receipts," he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

@Hawksandreed said that Baldwin's comments are "the most Trumpiest thing ever uttered by someone who is not Trump."

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The user @CocoaYummykins agreed and asked if Baldwin "is still in character".

@TasneemN said his latest comments are the same as "Baldwin's most accurate impression of Trump … when he was not even playing with him".

The user @SlimiHendrix tried to remember an occasion in which Baldwin came to the discussion: "I really do not think I have spoken with another black person about Alec Baldwin".

@All_Eyez_On_D finished Baldwin's comment for him: "No black person said …"

@Chalin quoted President Trump's controversial "Where is my African-American" comment in the June 2016 campaign, calling Baldwin's comment "deaf"?

@HayesBrown let a "who said" GIF from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" speak for him.

Baldwin declined to comment to the United States. TODAY, and has not yet addressed the controversy.

The first time he revealed his personification of Trump in "SNL", winner of an Emmy Award, before the presidential election of 2016, a portrait that Trump himself has called "boring", "without grace" and "sad".

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