TV: The fun and shameful moment of Paola Jara in breakfast

adminDecember 31, 2018

Everything happened in the last chapter of 2018. The fun and shameful moments of Paola Jaras Breakfast

Paola was one of the program's guests, and besides singing, she dedicated herself to cooking.

On this occasion, Juan, the chef's magazine, decided to make desserts.

So he asked Paola to make and beat a cream.

But the singer did not succeed and the cream ended up being cut.

Paola couldn't overcome the moment, and even though it was a little embarrassed, she laughed and remembered it throughout the program.

Paola Jara i Breakfast

Songs of popular music were always ready to make sure she was good at singing, but not for cooking.

And there was another moment when he said it was bad to use an oven.

"Be careful with me," Paola said several times.

In addition to her time in the kitchen, the singer also spoke with the presenters about her daily life.

For example, she confessed that she is not a diet woman, nor is she sleeping well and staying late, keeping her in shape.

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