TV hits "New Year's Eve": Michael & Rita were a couple

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For many it is part of the annual New Year's Eve, such as champagne and rockets: The episode "New Year's Eve" from the cult series "Ein Herz und ein Seele". Every year, Alfred Tetzlaff (Heinz Schubert), his wife Else (Elisabeth Wiedemann), his daughter Rita (disgusted)Hildegard Krekel, ✝60) and son-in-law Michael (Diether Krebs) with one – more than strong strokes at the end of the year. For 45 years, the damp New Year's Eve is already shimmering over the screens. All four main players have died in the meantime. From the annual television program, the Klamauk classic remains indispensable. Celebrity Flash presents three fun facts about New Year's Eve this year.

1. Michael and Rita were actually a couple too!
In "A Heart and a Soul" played Hildegard Krekel and Diether Krebs for years a married couple. In reality, they were together at the time – but never married. Hildegard even gave her the girlfriend role as son-in-law in the first place.

2. New Year's Eve episode was originally misspelled!
In the meantime, you find the cold episode in television magazines titled "The New Year's Eve Punch". This is not the original name. At first release in 1973, the comedy series was still "The New Year's Eve Punch", just a spelling. The spelling of a Ypsilon applies only to the first name of the same name. By the way, you can smile about this little typo every year: He is also in the opening points.

3. New Year's Eve was the first to be broadcast in color!
"The New Year's Eve Punch" was already the twelfth episode of the successful cult program. Until then, viewers had to settle for a black and white version. From 31.12.1973 – so from New Year's Eve – "A heart and a soul" then always come in the color.

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The TV series "One Heart and a Soul"
Diether Krebs, 1998Peter Clay / face to face

Diether Krebs, 1998
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Elisabeth Wiedemann and Heinz Schubert in "Ein Herz und ein Seele"

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