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adminDecember 28, 2018

Zerrin Özer is older sister, famous singer Tülay Özer, fenalaştı during a concert at a private hospital in Marmaris.

According to UAV, Tülay Özer who turned his head, doctors and nurses grabbed the hall immediately. After a short while he felt good and continued his concert. Standing praised songs, the program after the program announced to UAV that he had dialysis treatment for about two years due to renal failure said.

Tulay Ozer, "My father also had the same disorder, I believe my genetic origin. Sometimes I have dizziness due to disturbances. Today, this accident came on stage on stage." Allah had many doctors in the salon who recognize me.

Tülay Özer, who noted that his illness caused him to become even closer with his younger sister, Zerrin Özer, said: "Thanks to him, he does not leave me alone, he is a source of morality and hopes for me with his love and interest. "


In his speech, Tülay Özer, who advised the health professionals to know the value of health, "Unfortunately, I can no longer use fluid because it increases my grief. Drip water, apple-like fruits cannot eat even fluid. Therefore, I would advise everyone to consume much fluid, "he said.


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