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Tuğçe Özbudak, the famous actress who received millions of love with her Pinar character in the Adanalı series, became a completely different person after her aesthetic operations.

Tuğçe Özbudak, who received millions of love with his Pinar character in the Adanalı series, became a completely different person after the aesthetic operation.


Tuğçe Özbudak, who got tired of the criticism due to his new image, by mentioning the state before the aesthetics, "Please, do not write so if you were natural, if you had lived naturally," because that was the word I heard most of years and I was happy. "Tuğçe Özbudak, who had made a big change at a time when he was a popular player on the screen, came to a shop at Caddebostan with his friend after joining My Style, Özbudak's 216,000 36-year-old actress, who has Traveled to many countries in the world, was born in Ankara and graduated from Bilkent University.

Completed to end

Özbudak, first known for his work on the screen of the Adanalı series, continued his acting career with El Gibi, Kuzey Rüzgarı, Nuri, İşler Güçler. Tuğçe Özbudak, who hosted the programs, experienced his first experience in this field. Afterwards, he continued his career with real estate and travel programs. The latest competitor presented the competition called Passport on Star TV. Finally, Özbudak, who entered the screen with My Style, managed to climb to the final.

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