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How Can Riefian Fajarsyah Get Again? The tsunami took almost everything from him. The singer has lost her band. The man his wife.

Because among the many victims, also in Indonesia was popular band seventeen. The musicians were washed away on a beach scene during the concert. His wife stood in front of the stage. Only songs Riefian survived.

On Instagram asked for the music that he could not travel to the band's funeral, he had to stay with his wife.

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Photo: ifanseventeen / Instagram

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Dylan Sahara was the daughter of a well-known Indonesian politician. At the next election, she wanted to drive to a seat in parliamentPhoto: ifanseventeen / Instagram

"Suddenly a big wave came down on the scene from behind," Riefian Fajarsyah – also known as Ifan – later told local TV channel One.

For two hours he drifted into the water around dead bodies. When he managed to recover the ground under his feet, he found the organs of the tour leader, guitarist and bassist under the ruins.

Map: Tsunami disaster on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java infographics

At that time his wife and other band members were missing. Hours later so sad security. They are dead.

Last Sunday was the 26th birthday of Ifan's wife. On Instagram, he sent a black-and-white picture of his trip to Paris and wanted no more than to get his dear home: "Today is your birthday, and I will personally congratulate you. Come home fast, my dear."

On Tuesday he wrote, "How can I live without you?"

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Photo: ifanseventeen / Instagram

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Singer Riefian Fajarsyah and his wife Dylan Sahara on vacation togetherPhoto: ifanseventeen / Instagram

The authorities warn against new high waves

On Wednesday, 430 deaths were confirmed. At least 159 people were still missing. Nearly 1,500 people were injured and over 21,000 people were taken to safety.

The emergency situation, which, according to a spokesman for the National Civil Authority, intends to facilitate assistance, will apply until January 4.

Illustrated graphics: How a tsunami is created - infographically

The tsunami struck several coastal areas in Java and Sumatra on the sunday stream on Saturday night. In search of survivors, drones and detection dogs are used on the destroyed west coast.

The volcano Anak Krakatau continues to emit ash clouds that hide the island. Indonesia's meteorological authority BMKG warned that the harsh weather could make the volcano crater more fragile.

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Photo: Jorge Silva / Reuters

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A beach in the affected region of IndonesiaPhoto: Jorge Silva / Reuters

"We have developed a monitoring system that focuses especially on volcanic shock in Anak Krakatau, so that we can issue early warnings," explains Dwikorita Karnawati, head of administration. "Avoid coastal areas from 500 meters to one kilometer inland."

The tsunami trigger was an eruption of the Anak Krakatau volcano, located in the gulf flow between the islands of Java and Sumatra, about 50 kilometers from the coast.

The shock had led to a landslide, which then triggered the tsunami. The tidal wave struck a total of five districts in Java and Sumatra.

In the affected areas, the tsunami struck up to 500 meters inland over the length of more than 310 kilometers. According to the Foreign Ministry in Berlin on Wednesday, there are still no indications of German victims.

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