True Friendship: The last gift Elton John received from Freddie Mercury SonarFM

adminDecember 30, 2018

"Dear Sharon, I thought you would like this," the Queen's vocalist wrote next to the gift.

It is known the great friendship they maintained Elton John and Freddie Mercury in many years. And in his book "Love is the Cure: On the Life, Loss, and End of Aids", interpreted by "Your Song", how were the last days of the singer to the Queen, after he published his serious state of health to cause AIDS, in 1991.

"It broke my heart to see how AIDS was destroyed in this light as the skin of the world … Towards the end, my body was covered by injuries from Kaposi's sarcoma … I was almost blind … I was too weak to stand up yourself " John confirms in the publication.

And even though one month after mercury's death, John was still destroyed by the unexpected loss, in its entirety Christmas He opened the door to someone he had called to give him a gift. "I was still bitter when a friend appeared on the door of my house and gave me something wrapped in a pillowcase, I opened it, and inside it was a work of one of my favorite artists, British painter Henry Scott Tuke. And it was a note from Freddie " Count John.

And that note was signed and directed with the names of alter-egos that had both been created, in the purest dragon queen style. "Dear Sharon, I thought you would like this, with love, Melina, Merry Christmas" I had written Mercury.

"In his last days he had managed to find a nice Christmas gift for me"says the music in his book.

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