TRT Documentary has begun its new era!

adminJanuary 10, 2019

TRT's chairman and general manager İbrahim Eren, TRT document channel coordinator Süleyman Tezgel, TRT leaders, press releases and many guests attended the night, and the TRT Documentary's new logo was also shown for the first time.

TRT Documentary, which started its new journey with 44 stories in 38 countries and a story of 400 episodes, will continue its journey with the motto "Understanding Life is Understanding Life".

TRT's chairman and general manager Ibrahim Eren, in his speech here, "Today's stories of future generations out of the thrill of passing us on this journey and tonight, we are very happy to share the excitement with history again, because we refuse to "Look at ourselves from the mirror of others. We understand the grief behind a quiet face because we are their voice."

In his speech, Sezai Karakoç "When will we understand each other, we will approach each other, and we will hear the same inspiration on our shoulder in spring heat?" Eren said: "We are now the voice of the quiet in many different geographical countries, witnesses to the events, the pain, the sadness, the hope, the briefly expressed life on the screen, will be the name. The land in our eyes, do not be afraid of the adventure." he said.

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TRT Documentary started its new era


Ibrahim Eren, expressing that they are on a long thin road, said:

"We're out in the heart of the hearts together to get out of this path together. It's time, TRT Documentary, where we put our heart and heart for more than two years, started our journey from here tonight." , director, editor, all managers, especially TRT documentary managers, in short, all of us who have the privilege of being family, thank everyone, I wish you a pleasant journey. "
At the event, along with his team, including the artists Mercan Dede, Göksel Baktagir and Serkan Çağrı, he brought the music he prepared for the night with the participants.

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