TRT 1 Diriliş Ertuğrul 130. trailer! Death as upset plans …

adminDecember 31, 2018

Ertuğrul Bey says "My order here and at my ceremony" throws Beybolat in the dungeon. Dragos continues to give up internal turmoil between two oba. So what will be in the new part of the resurrection Ertugrul? TRT 1 screens, Diriliş Ertuğrul 130. episode trailer was published. Drago's treacherous plan will continue in the resurrection Ertuğrul with a fantastic part.


Uranos meets Ertugrul Bey and says he was Dragos. However, Ertuğrul Bey will not believe it and will understand that he has a side to Dragos.

The resurrection Ertuğrul is thrown into the dungeon by Beybolat Ertuğrul Bey in the 130th episode. Then the news spreads about Beybolat's death.

Resurrection Ertuğrul § 130

Dragos will throw it to confuse the advocate. Or it is part of Ertuğrul Bey's plan. This is more likely that Ertuğrul Bey has a plan. Dragos and his men will believe in this plan as they are false gold in the previous section.

Dragos and his men as soon as they expect Beybolat to appear and Ertuğrul Bey will start the war. Ertugrul Bey also introduces himself as commander of Dragos.

Ertugrul Bey, who says "I am here at my ceremony", will again disturb Drago's tragic plan.


Engan Altan Düzyatan, Hülya Darcan, İlker Aksum, Hande Soral, Didem Balçın, Cengiz Coşkun, Nurettin Sönmez, Ali Ersan Duru, Şafak Başkaya, Ayberk Pekcan, Kayra ocenocak, Arif Diren, Burçin Abdullah, Orçun Iynemli, Emre Uçtepe, Kerçin Abdullah, Orçun Iynemli, Emre Üçtepe, Kerçin Abdullah, Orçun Iynemli, Emre Üçtepe, Kerem Bekişoğlu and Orçun Iynemli, Ali Buhara Mete's cast is included in the cast of Diriliş Ertuğrul 130. On TRT 1 screens Wednesday, January 2 …

Resurrection Ertuğrul Ratings

What was the last part of DİRİLİŞ?

"Ertugrul Resurrection" in § 129 remains in Turkey and the world of social media agenda rush hour, retained its throne. With the character Sırma, Öykü Çelik and Uranos, newcomers received positive comments from Uğur Karabulut and his audience. Turkey took 2.5 hours in the first place and the agenda of the world throughout the series.

Wednesday's leading series, "Ertugrul Resurrection", is full of surprises with every part of the team renewed and reinforced the problems and continues to increase its audience in the world. In total, 15.48, 15.99 in the EU and 18.31 in ABC1, the number of ratings is three times more than the competition.

Last night, the 129 Division series continued to maintain their leadership, social media echoes in the big awakening, Turkey two and a half hours, and took the top spot in the world agenda. Every week's new surprise of the catalog connecting the viewer İlbilge character's brother who played the story of Story Story and beginner Uranos playing Uranos character Uğur Karabulut, got full character from the audience.


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