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adminDecember 26, 2018

"No more dead" was Trauffer's success last year, as the music itself says. In Eisstadien he moved his concerts so that everyone could hear who wanted – and yet the halls were always sold out, even the extra concerts took place in front of full rank. Marc Trauffer aka Trauffer is currently the most successful music in Switzerland.

Dimensions have assumed this success last year when he believed, now it is "soon normal". He was happy, it was true, but there was nothing tangible. Especially since his musical career, in his own words, is more of a "hobby out of control".

Because Marc Trauffer has a job, he is the owner of the wooden toys factory Trauffer. These are the ones with the well-known queens or just "the de chüeh", as the title of Trauat's recently published biography reader. Although: For Trauffer, it is "a tab", not a biography.

"I need a break"

Trauffer calls himself "Alpentainer" and again emphasizes in "TalkTäglich": "I was born for entertainment, I want people to enjoy it." This is not always understood, but he does not want to convey sociocritical lyrics to his Music – "It is much better in this country, I am responsible for the fun."

Trauffer says, "I do what I do very, very much. And I do it as an entertainer for the people." He was aware, "The success of music is so fragile." Earlier or later his time is over.

There will be no concerts in 2019. In addition, it is: "For a year and a half, there is absolutely no concert. It does not mean that I do not make music, but I need a break." His purpose: Finally cook in the newly reconstructed garden.

At the moment he is happy and happy – especially fond of love. In the woman who wrote her book. (Smo)

The full talk of TalkTäglich with Marc Trauffer:

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