Trailer by The Lego Movie 2 & # 39 ;: Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks reconnect

adminNovember 20, 2018

Margot Robbie and Tiffany Haddish are also scheduled to make their Lego-land debut for the next installment.

No further assembly is required: Warner Bros. has released the new trailer for The Lego movie 2: The second part, which presents the returns of the original voices Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Jonah Hill, Alison Brie and more. The animated film based on popular children's toys is a sequel to the Lego movie, which bent in 2014 and generated benefits like those of 2017 The movie of Lego Batman Y The movie of Lego Ninjago.

In the follow-up, the heroic band of Legos must join forces to fight against the new Lego Duplo invaders from outer space, who are on a mission to destroy every Lego structure in their path. In summary, everything is not impressive.

"Once, everything was amazing, now everything is bleak," says Lucy, also known as Wyldstyle (Banks) at the start of the trailer, before being interrupted by a very astute Emmet Brickowski (Pratt). After inadvertently kidnapping Lucy, she embarks on a space adventure to save her.

Unikitty (Brie), Green Lantern (Hill), Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), Superman (Channing Tatum), Metal Beard (Nick Offerman), Benny (Charlie Day) and Batman (Will Arnett) are back in action for the latest Lego part of the earth, along with new additions to the arcade Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi (Tiffany Haddish), Sweet Mayhem (Stephanie Beatriz) and Ice Cream Cone (Arturo Castro).

Co-directed by Mike Mitchell and Trisha Gum, The Lego movie 2: The second part arrives at theaters on February 8.

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