Tradition break: But not an elite college for Prince George?

adminDecember 29, 2018

Prince George (5) is currently in second grade at Thomas Battersea School in London. For the first son of Prince William (36) and Duchess Kate (36), but not the end of his academic career: Before he can go to college, he still presses on the so-called Comprehensive School (comparable to the German college) at school. If it was the royal family tradition, George will later graduate from the time-consuming Eton College, but his parents may have other plans: According to media reports, the couple is planning a break with royal school conventions.

Already William and his brother Prince Harry (34) were students of the elite college. As insiders of the British newspaper Daily Mail The Duchess and the Prince have apparently already decided on George's scholastic future. Already with the choice of his first school, William and Kate surprised many observers. "They are eager to give George the opportunity to spread their wings and will never do what people expect from them when it comes to their children."claimed the source.

As an alternative to the famous Eton College, both parents are interested in Marlborough College. This is Kate's former school. Faithful heritage, however, will definitely take into account the school's academic merit, which she thinks is best suited to George.

Prince George in the garden at a charity event, June 2018action PressPhotos Gallery Button
Prince George in the garden at a charity event, June 2018
Prince George carries a trayaction Press

Prince George carries a tray
Prince George on his first day of school 2017Richard Pohle – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Prince George on his first day of school 2017

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