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In the next episode of "Tomorrow belongs to us" … Chloe tries to convince Maxime to change high school, Jessica fights to get rid of her hypnosis session and Samuel inherits Rose's file.

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Attention, the following sections contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us sent tomorrow evening at TF1! If you do not want to know anything, go away!

Friday, November 30th, belongs to us … Bilel was sentenced to five years in prison, including two years suspended. Soraya explains to her mother and sister that repayment of punishment is still possible, we must keep hope. But Noor is still very upset and goes so far as to say she would have preferred not to wake up. She must carry her classmates judges in high school and do not feel ready. Leila reminds her that it is precisely the anger that has led the prisoner and that they must stick together to get through this trial.

Later, at the hospital, Leïla Samuel confronted with the admit that he actually made Bilel sing. She is furious, feels herself treated as goods, and tells Samuel that she regrets having slept with him. Chardeau can tell him he can not stand losing her and that he loves her, Leila will not hear anything and tells him she will not see him anymore. Fortunately, the nurse can count on support from Marianne who tells her about a position at another hospital that will allow him no longer to cross Chardeau. But Leila will not leave Sete and her colleagues.

Shocked by her first session at the psychiatrist, Jessica makes her parents believe she does not believe in hypnosis, it is useless and therefore decides not to return. Later she stops telling Margot what happened during her hypnosis session. She had prepared to relive the accident, but did not think her painful memories of Cottin's aggression would come again. Margot confirms that she has been haunted by this episode for a long time, telling Jessica that she can revive all this because she did not really settle this story. According to her, Jessica must continue to dig. But the teenager does not feel the courage to do it.

For his part, Maxime moved into Clementine's home and cooked breakfast for the first day of his life together. But it does not take long to find Olivier, who has been looking for some things, and is always so aggressive to him. Later, in high school, Chloe explains to his son that Olivier refuses to get him in the math class. But she thought about it and thought it would be nice if he changed institutions. She even found a private school in Beziers that would be ready to accept it during the year. But Maxime specifically sees a way for her mother to remove him from Clementine and refuses to change high school. Chloe then makes a visit to Clementine to ask him to persuade Maxime to change high school. Clementine is sure she will not succeed, and Chloe tells her that she is destroying Maxim's future for "a romance with con". But Clementine makes it clear to her former friend that she really loves her son, that it's not a romance with con and that she loses her time trying to divorce them. And if Chloe continues to pursue, Maxime hates it.

In parallel, Alex and Maxime meet for a drink. Alex asks his son how he does and tells him that he thinks Chloe will eventually relax. But Maxime will not take the lead with it. After being unhappy all summer he finally found his smile thanks to Clementine and he loves him as he never liked. Alex believes in him and tells him to live what he needs to live. In the evening, Maxime Clementine finds home and tells him that he has searched for correspondence courses. He will free himself from time to find a job and help Clementine, who only touches his allowances. The sports teacher reminds him that studying is important, but for Maxime it is important that they are together.

Finally, at the hospital, Renaud leaves the medical file of Rose to Samuel. The latter realizes that despite his warnings about Rose's Dangerous Pregnancy, no follow-up was made in jail. Renaud explains that the prisoner has had anxiety attacks and is convinced her baby is going bad. For Chardeau, this classic bipolar, and Renaud is quite in his opinion, but wants to appeal to his son's medical skills to persuade Rose to resume treatment. Samuel gives an ultrasound to Rose and seems worried. It seems that he has discovered something wrong and tells Rose that he must take some extra tests. Later he returns to see Rose and tells him that his baby is good. The problem comes from Rose who has a serious risk of preeclampsi.

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