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In the next episode of "Tomorrow belongs to us" … Anna's health concerns her mother, Bilel goes to the scene, and Martin discovers the parallel study by Lucie and Georges.

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Attention, the following sections contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us sent tomorrow evening at TF1! If you do not want to know anything, go away!

Wednesday, November 28th, belongs to us. After her discomfort, Anna is better. She spent the night under observation at the hospital and was told that there was only a drop in blood pressure. Marianne brings her analytical results, which did not show anything abnormally except hemoglobin a little bit, telling him she wanted him to have a scanner today to be sure not to pass next to anything. When her mother goes, Anna Chloe tells her she is determined to go to work before he gets a new discomfort.

Later Marianne shares the results of Annas scanning with Renaud: her daughter has a superficial fracture with a perirenal hematoma. If the blood bag does not go away, it risks the infection. All of this is a consequence of the bus accident. But the problem is that the two doctors do not agree on how to proceed: Renaud will operate to empty the hematoma, while Marianne prefers to avoid surgery and treat Anna with treatment. Renaud throws her head as usual and she does not have to cry in the event of a disaster. After asking the advice of a colleague who advised her to follow her instinct, Marianne informed her daughter of her choice. Anna must undergo treatment and be disturbed for a while. The journalist accepts, but seems to find that her mother does not tell her everything.

At the police station, George finds out that Samuel has paid the head of hospital security and tells Lucie that it's time to talk about their investigation into Martin. Of course, their parent is upset that they did not follow the procedure but ask them for a full report at their office as soon as possible while reminding them that he will not cover them in case of problems with the procedure. parquet.

At the same time, Victoire, who has a date on Spoon with Martin for lunch, is determined to give him the big game to make him realize what he is going through and make him break. But it's without counting on Georges, who is always sensitive to the roommate's charm, is in the mood to ruin his plans. He makes Martin think he came across a trade of forged drugs on the dark grid and that a delivery must take place at 13 o'clock in the port. While Victoire goes as planned to spoon and surprised to not find Martin, George keeps her superior far from the young woman by putting the hideaway on the gate.

Sara's eve of anger is not without consequences. The video that shows that she is pushing a journalist makes the rounds on the Internet and social networks. The comments are quite hard on the teenager, but for Lou there is no bad publicity. Everything is good to take to talk about Beatrice's trial. Concern is that Beatrice Raynaud is not of this opinion. During her conversation with Lou, she becomes angry with her lawyer. She had told him not to report the matter and not to involve Sarah, and Lou did it on her head. But the young lawyer replies that she tries to defend it at all costs and that she refuses to see her destroy her chances. Beatrice threatens to change her lawyer, but Lou points out that it would make her look like a road for the audience and jury, that would not be good for her. According to Lou, for now, the public thinks it's all in his interest. But Beatrice does not like Lous tone or methods and continues in his decision to change his lawyer.

In the end, Leila Bilel asks to give him a chance and think of his daughters, but Bilel sticks to the usual choir: he can not forgive his adventure with Chardeau. His decision is made. Noor also tries to justify his father, but nothing works and Bilel asks her daughter not to give false hope. Later, while returning home, Leïla finds a letter where her husband confesses and tells him that she will end up hating him by discovering that he is not a good person, Bilel returns to the police station and condemned for the sabotage of the brakes to Samuel's car.

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