Tomorrow belongs to us (video): what awaits you this Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at TF1

adminNovember 27, 2018

After breaking his historical audience record by crossing the first time milestone of 4 million followers on Monday, November 26, Tomorrow we belong will deliver new experiences this Tuesday, November 27th at TF1. The series that leads the adventures toIngrid Chauvin, Maud Baecker and Solène Hébert in Sète, will be scheduled at 19:20.

In the next episodes, anxiety grows around Annas health condition. After being sick, Chloe's sister tries to assure her family. But the exam shows that it is much more serious than expected. While Marianne fears an operation desired by Renaud, Victoire is determined to conquer Martin's heart. For this, the young nurse will not hesitate to play the provocation card. For his part, George will implement a strategy for Martin to escape the agreement.

The case Béatrice Raynaud took a new turn after intervention by Lou. Since the release of an interview in Infos Sète, Sara is the target of many attacks on social networks. But it's not all since the teenager gets the wrath of the journalists. Summarized with Samuel's extortion, Bilel will give up his story with Leila. Father of Soraya and Noor is also preparing to make another decision heavy consequence …

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