Tom Payne feeds the potential immunity of Judith Grimes to the zombie virus

adminDecember 27, 2018

A character immune to the zombie virus in "The Walking Dead"? It can be "great". Or at least it said Tom Payne in an interview with Serieously, commenting on some of the theories circulating on the Internet about this apocalyptic fiction. The truth is & # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39; always gets his fandom to fantasize about unexpected twists in his plotand the immunity of any character would be one of them.

Judith Grimes from The Walking Dead & # 39;

Judith Grimes from The Walking Dead & # 39;

The one who incarnated Jesus in "The Walking Dead" has made rumors of the possibility that a sign was immune to zombie bits, coming back to the sound greatly. "Some thought Rick could be immune and I didn't even think about it. But I think it may be a future plot in the series, definitely"Tom Payne said.

"It makes sense that Judith Grimes might be immune, it would be great. It would be fun if she got bitten and didn't die, and Carl did it"The hope for the characters in the series can therefore turn upside down, but for now there is only one theory that has appeared on the Internet that Tom Payne seems to see a future in" The Walking Dead ".

Kirkman disagrees

Although it could be a very powerful resource for the plot of the series, Robert Kirkman assured the Comic-Con of San Diego in 2017 that has not yet considered explaining a cause or solution to the virus. "First, because it has been done in many other stories of zombies, and secondly because it would be like breaking the series' mythology," the creator justified.

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