Tom Holland tastes pumpkin for the first time at age 22

adminNovember 23, 2018

Tom Holland, Joe Russo

Willy Sanjuan / Invision / AP, Archive

I take Rooney Mara 31 years to try a cake and it took Tom Brady 40 years to eat a strawberry. And now, it has been revealed that it took Tom Holland 22 years to finally taste a bite of pumpkin.

the Avengers: the war of infinity the actor joined the chef Jessica Largey in the director Joe RussoThe Simone restaurant in L. A. Nov. 12 for an exclusive cooking lesson. The photos and videos of the private show were published on Wednesday, and showed the Netherlands introducing a roasted kabocha squash (a Japanese squash), mixed with kale, mushrooms and passion fruit. "I think I've had pumpkin seeds," said the actor. "I do not think I had a real pumpkin."

Largey and Russo were enthusiastic about Holland testing their food.

"I really feel like a Thanksgiving," said Largey. "I thought it would be a good dish to make today."

"It's hard to start with the best pumpkin I've ever had," joked Holland, who did not say whether he had had a coffee with spiced milk. "Every pumpkin after this will be a disappointment."

After taking a big bite, he said to Largey: "That was delicious! So, I'll be back tomorrow, that's very good, the passion fruit, too, and the kale is crispy, so there's something nice, as a texture. "

What Russo likes a lot about that particular dish is that "it is eaten clean and easy".

"When you're done with that, you feel great, all the ingredients are natural," said the director of Marvel Studios. "Everything is organic, so when you're done, you can get up from the food. [after] a really wonderful dish, without feeling that you have to unbutton your pants ".

Holland, who usually returns home in the UK for Thanksgiving, said he will celebrate the holidays for the first time this year with one of his co-stars in Los Angeles. He was even a little happy, telling Largey and Russo about pie "he learned to bake after watching it on Instagram.

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