Tom Hiddleston finally faces the Marvel fanatics theory that Loki faked his own death

adminOctober 16, 2018

Nobody really dies in comic movies. Sure, it seems that characters like Superman or Wolverine or half the MCU died on the screen, but usually they find some way back. And now, Marvel fans are releasing a rumor, to Tom Hiddleston, in fact, that Loki might not have died in Avengers: the war of infinity after all.

Let's count. In the opening scenes of the summer success of Joe and Anthony Russo, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) meets his creator at the hands of Thanos (Josh Brolin), the Crazy Titan. Alone, during ACE Comic Con in Chicago, Hiddleston told the crowd (via ComicBook) that he is listening to theories of fanatics that he might have faked his own death, for these specific reasons. Says Hiddleston:

The stabbing movement is in reference to the thrust that Loki makes in Thanos throat. Fans fans have understood the fact that God of Mischief is using his left hand, where in past movies, Loki tends to attack with the right. The suspicious activity looks like this:

That comment led us to a wormhole of MCU theories that actually suggest that if you looked at the background of this scene, you would see a shadow of what appears to be Loki looking at Thanos killing Loki. I would record it on the screen for you, but in reality it is such a dark mirage that it does not show anything.

But the rumors of "Loki's lives" really come from the fact that we've seen the character fake his own death several times before. And it has been projected as Loki, and as other characters, in previous Marvel films. So the idea that he cheated on Thanos is not that unconventional.

In addition, this explains the last line of Loki with his brother, Thor, about the brightness of the sun on them one day. Could that still happen, possibly in Avengers 4How are the heroes working to reverse whatever Thanos has achieved?

Tom Hiddleston is not revealing anything. When he was pressed on the subject by a fan, he replied:

But that's not true! Tom's assumption would be MUCH better than any fan's, because he knows if he has filmed more scenes like Loki in the MCU. The god of mischief and lies.

Even if this is the end of Loki on the big screen, it is reported that Tom Hiddleston could play Loki again in the new Disney broadcast service, in an original limited series. It could be established later Avengers 4, with a resurrected Loki? Or is it a prequel, he said long before Loki sacrificed himself to try to stop Thanos? Time will tell.

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