Today's Horoscope (1/7): Read the forecasts of your character

adminJanuary 7, 2019


Horoscope for this Monday, January 7th. Read the forecasts of your character.

CAPRICORN – December 22 to January 20

love: It is a flame that will ignite, it can be love but also hate. From the relationship you have always considered as special to another that will be characterized by nervousness and bad times, it will only be one step. Be very careful about what you say under the influence of alcohol, you can immediately regret and generate a problem where it should not exist.

Money and work: The sky on the economic sphere does not seem to go very well, some obstacles may arise, and you may have trouble overcoming them. The stars recommend being quiet. Those born in the first dean will justify their irresponsible attitude, blame the stress and demand for recovery, but will be unfairly accused.

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AQUARIUM – January 21 to February 19

love: You are free to make your own decisions and do it in the best possible way. No feeling is as strong as love, the strength that starts from the inside can cause you to make some mistakes and also some successes. You will begin this journey ready to make some important decisions that will completely change your personal and sentimental sphere.

Money and work: Today, the necessary conditions for performing some projects are not lacking, even though a colleague put a hard test on the calm. Avoid arguments. Natives of the first dean should take a step back so they do not look too demanding, down and available for any initiative.

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FISHING – February 20 to March 20

love: You are a person truly dedicated to all actions of love that surrounds you. Someone once said that you could do something if it really vibrated in that direction. The universe leads you to be with people who really feel the same vibrations, big hearts moving along a line drawn from the very heart.

Money and work: Today, you need to spend a lot of energy to make the reality of what you really have in mind. It won't be easy, but the stars will reward your efforts. Those born in the first dean will feel happy and happy with the results, mainly because they only depend on their efforts and desires.

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ARIES – March 21st to April 20th

love: A soul friend is one who, according to mythology, was once one. In this traumatic separation, he went down to earth in two parts that were previously or later destined to meet. With this idea you will be this year, looking for the part that one day seems to have taken away. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to reach your goal.

Money and work: Patience and caution will allow you to reach the goals you want so much, even if your impulsiveness and anxiety are pushing you to have everything now. With the will and patience, the natives of the first dean can meet the negative stars, organize their programs, and work with methodology.

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TOURO – April 21 to May 20

love: There are a number of questions that let you do a little review of what is said. If you have had an argument with someone from your family or partner, you must resolve it and you will do so thanks to this special evening. You can send one or a thousand messages as long as you are aware of who the recipient is and why you send them.

Money and work: Money seems to come out of your pockets. You will allow extra expenses to make trips or holidays, to take care of your body and wardrobe. At work, everything goes well, thank God. Those who were born in the third dean were supposed to listen to a specialist colleague because they could save a lot of time and effort.

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TWINS – May 21 to June 20

love: Love for an ideal can be the union of a union with a new person. Having common elements is the first step in creating a relationship. It is important that someone on your side really understands this strange way of thinking that you have it. In this new year, words will play a greater role than any events that will happen.

Money and work: You should be prepared to change and end situations that no longer satisfy you. This day presents familiar problems and situations. Those born in the third dean should pay particular attention to their relationship with their colleagues. A person's jealousy can be dangerous for an important project.

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POWER – June 21 to July 21

love: In love you never know what can happen. Someone who, during these years, has given body and soul to a person who is not a couple can feel deeply disappointed. It is time to say goodbye to some unwanted incidents, among them, that non-reciprocal submission you perform in your relationship.

Money and work: During the day you will be exposed to disturbances, forgetfulness and some setbacks in the future: attention with documents and appointments. If you work as a team, stop your natural inclination to draw attention to yourself and your personal demands. Get others involved too.

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LION – July 22 to August 22

love: No one is perfect in everything that refers to love. With enough time you can look at what that person is, but also what you can offer. There are times when nothing happens as it should or doesn't have the benefit that you really expected. Today it is not a critical day, it is a day to look for solutions and another spicy ingredient to improve the relationship.

Money and work: Unusual heavenly designs can interfere with your finances, so it is advisable that you manage your money better. Those born in the first dean are given the opportunity to establish a good relationship with their colleagues and achieve a strategic plan to achieve success.

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VIRGIN – August 23 to September 22

love: When the heart needs to talk, nothing can stop it. As much as you want to stop the flow of emotions happening to you, you won't be able to do that. It's something that will be superior to all your projects, this idea of ​​creating a perfect relationship from nothing and a form of personal regeneration will be your short-term goal this year.

Money and work: Great satisfaction comes to you this day. Everything will be easy, nothing will worry you and you will do all your tasks the best way. Today, great opportunities are announced for young people seeking their first job, the sky recommends them to lead the search in the agricultural sector and in catering.

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LIBRA – September 23 to October 22

love: Launching to create a series of very special promises can be your reason for being. You will offer this stability to a particular person, and you will do it in a way that does not allow you to be alone, just trying to spend more time with it. Only then will you know if you really are someone you want to share your day with.

Money and work: You will notice a great deal of fatigue and will not feel like overcoming your competition, trying not to compromise all efforts made so far. The sky will be suitable for all freelancers, especially those working in the field of art and communication.

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SCORPIO – October 23 to November 21

love: You will look at the love of your life in your eyes and will really tell you everything you feel. She is a person who is always next to her and seems to be moving in a sea of ​​doubt and desire. You need to find a way to make her understand how important she is to you. Anyone who wants you to stay will be close, but you have the courage to see him right in the eye and talk to the heart.

Money and work: Analyze all the possibilities that will be presented to you and choose the one that most provokes your imagination. The most important thing is not to lock yourself in an activity you don't like. The stars recommend the younger ones not to stop looking for the most appropriate occasions for them, they must act and run to do so.

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SAGITTARIUS – November 22 to December 21

love: You have an incredible relationship with a person in your work environment. Today it can be so intense that you want it much closer. If you already have a partner, jealousy will be a serious problem. If you are alone, you need a variety of items that will help you deal with this, and among them the ability to have someone with certain privileges.

Money and work: You have to manage yourself autonomously because the relationship with the people around you will be excellent, so continue on the road. The work of those born in the third dean is actually many, but the time at their disposal is very limited. Be careful about finding solutions.

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