To Schweiger sees himself on his career

adminDecember 31, 2018

To Schweiger sees himself on his career

To Schweiger (55) sees his biggest career rage in the "misguided" theatrical release of the American version of "Honig im Kopf". "It was the low point of my previous artistic work," said the actor and director of the "Bild" newspaper (Monday).

Silence with leading actor Nick Nolte.

Alzheimer's drama "Head Full of Honey" with Nick Nolte (77) was torn apart by several US media a month ago. It would come in March in German cinemas.

"To go with their bizarre plotting and sharp performances, the movie seems to have been edited in a Cuisinart."

Bizarre plot and sharp performance, cut with a food processor … New York times

After all, he won a Capri Award (who knows?): Best European filmmaker, he!

For the 55-year-old, 2018 was still positive. With British actress Francesca Dutton (32), Schweiger has a new wife on his side. "We definitely want to make a movie together. She is currently learning German with an app." But he is not thinking about having children together. "It would be a bit fast."

For the new year, the filmmaker is planning a new "crime scene" from Hamburg, which is likely to fly in 2020. Filming begins in March and the book is written by Eoin Moore ("Polizeiruf 110").

Schweiger expects a new start. Above all, the many action scenes in the beginning had frightened many spectators in recent episodes. "If we let it rattle again, just at the end, if no one can switch away," Schweiger explained. (SDA / dpa)

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