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adminOctober 13, 2018

Here we are! Titans is the first original programming of the new DC Universe platform and, if Zack Snyder's movie universe continues to fall apart, it is possibly the beginning of a new chapter for live action DC superhero adaptations. How are you? Well, the titans are a strange beast. Most people are probably familiar with the Teen Titans of cartoons for children like Teen Titans Go! or the original Cartoon Network Teen Titans series. While this new Titans retains several of the main characters of those versions, Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy, it is also completely different in tone and content. Violence requires some time to get used to, but it balances well with humor and powerful performances to create an attractive show.

Thanks to the large volume of Batman adaptations released over the past decade, it has become a joke about the frequency with which viewers receive images of the murders of Wayne's parents, as if almost everyone on the planet was not familiar with them. the origin of Batman. history for now. The opening of Titans change a bit, showing us a recreation of the deaths of Robin's parents, a story that most people are probably not familiar with! Since this is the original incarnation of Dick Grayson in Robin, his parents were circus acrobats known as the Flying Grayson (you can still see a promotional poster framed in Dick's modern apartment). One fateful night, they went to a high-wiring performance and the strings broke, plunging Grayson's parents to death. Luckily for Dick, a local billionaire called Bruce Wayne was in the audience that night, and he pitied an orphaned companion. Well, that's how the origin in comics goes. The nightmare of the young Rachel Roth stops before that, but you can be sure that the shadow of Bruce Wayne is leaning over this series.

Who is Rachel Roth, you ask? Well, she is the girl who will become Raven, although she still does not leave with that name. At this moment, she is a troubled girl who keeps neighbors awake at night with her screams. Her mother keeps the door closed and covered with crucifixes, but she does not say anything to Rachel about who or what she is. This makes it all the more confusing when Rachel arrives home from school to find a mysterious man holding her mother at gunpoint. With very few words, he then murders Rachel's mother in front of her. It is a good indicator of how this program will work: people can and will be brutally murdered in the blink of an eye. However, there is a consequence of the violence, since this gunman finds out when the secret demonic personality of Rachel suddenly arises to attack him in a fit of rage.

Instead of staying to find out who she is and why she killed her mother, Rachel understandably runs away from home and takes the first outbound ticket she can find for a bus to Detroit, not a city she often finds represented on the streets. superhero stories!

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