Titans of DC titans Trolls Nightwing Fans

adminNovember 24, 2018

& # 39; Asylum & # 39; – the most recent episode of Titans – He seems to be dragging Dick Grayson's fans who are eager to see him take Nightwing's cloak. This is an inevitable conclusion, given that the show is reflecting the classic New teen titans comics where the young acrobat finally retired as Robin to make a name as a hero out of Batman's shadow. However, the slow pace of the series has made fans want Dick Grayson to become Nightwing sooner rather than later.

One of the main subplots of the DC Universe series has focused on Dick Grayson, who worked as a police detective in Detroit, Michigan, as Titans Opened. The first episode revealed that it had been approximately a year since Grayson had put on his Robin costume to fight crime, although no reason was given to explain why until the sixth episode, "Jason Todd". It was here that viewers learned that Dick Grayson had allowed Tony Zucco, the gangster responsible for killing Dick's parents, to be shot dead by the Maroni crime family, whom Zucco was about to testify in court. The guilt over the way he failed his moral code when it mattered most and his fears that Robin became a monster made Grayson look for his true self, forming a strange counterpoint to the similar journey Rachel Roth was making.

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& # 39; Asylum & # 39; he saw the captured Titans trying to infiltrate a medical facility run by the mysterious organization that has been trying to get hold of Rachel Roth since the first episode. While he was in prison, Dick was restrained and injected with some type of drug that left him unconscious. After being eliminated, Dick had a dream in which he was fighting against his younger self, who complained that it was Dick who had ruined what Robin must be and told him to stop blaming everyone for what he had become. . The words of his subconscious had a profound effect on Dick, leaving him to meditate on them even after Rachel freed him from his cell and led the fight against the security guards who were trying to recover the equipment.

It was here that the show seemed ready to pay tribute to Dick Grayson's future alter ego with the comics, only to deny viewers a bit of fan-service at the last minute. In comics, Dick Grayson's favorite weapons such as Nightwing are a pair of staffs with hidden batons that can be used to stun those enemies against whom forceful force alone is not effective. In the midst of an identity crisis and facing several guards armed with crash sticks, it seemed almost certain that Dick's transition to Nightwing would begin at this time, with him picking up and twice wielding the guards' weapons by the end of the Fight. Unfortunately, Dick was left with his original weapon, a piece of reused tube, throughout the battle.

However, that is not Nightwing's only joke in the episode. There is another subtle nod at the end of the episode, while Dick Grayson reflects on the team's next move as he looks into a puddle and sees his reflection in the disguise. While it is clear that Dick's reflection is wearing his Robin suit, there is a slight tint in the reflection that makes Robin's costume look a little blue, like Nightwing's disguise in comics. While this was a coincidental lighting effect instead of an intentional Easter egg, it seems likely that fans will see Nightwing Titans someday, although it may be a season or two before that happens.

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