Tip Tip January 11 the question: What is the name of the race in the countryside and forest? Let's tip 20.30 answers

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Let's tip the January 11 issue, posted by the team on social media. The live money prize game is played through Hadi, AppStore and Google Play. The competition is held every day at. 20.30, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at. 12.30 and 20.30. This evening at 8.30 as the hike to the sports night was characterized by sports in the forests and in the countryside. Let's tip on January 11 issue; "What is the name of the race in the countryside and forest?"


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Let's ask hint: In this cold weather we are here with a hint that reminds us of spring and summer day: What is the name of the breed in the countryside and in the forests by passing through heights, pits and streams?


In rural areas there is a long distance run on land rolling. Also known as Cross Country, the first international competition was held between France and England in 1898. The championship, which began with engagement from England, Ireland and Scotland in 1903, was later joined by other countries. He was removed from the Olympics in 1924 because he was not suitable for summer competitions. In 1962, the IAAF defined the international rules, and in 1967 it organized for the first time a cross-country race for women. In the United States, Pat Porter won 8 times in a row and won a hard record in the country.

The standard distance to the International Competition set by the IAAC is 12 km for men. The land race is not regulated on a particular track, the world record is not kept. Participants in this race must undergo a strict health check and care must be taken that the heart and lungs are intact. The country's race is a winter sport, and athletes are determined on all kinds of weather conditions, and athletes have the opportunity to prepare summer games. Athletes can wear wool hats and gloves and use synthetic abilir waffle z footwear that adapts to any floor.

Land races, individual races and team races are made in the form. Each team consists of 6-9 athletes. It has been determined beforehand that the number of athletes will be assessed in these teams. The team with the least number of bad points will win the race. Another type of landing is a flag country run. In these races, the athlete will touch the hand of the athlete instead of carrying the flag.

On the left side of the jogging direction is the left side red, and the right side is placed on white. An arbitrator is available for control at the necessary points. At the end of the race there is a funnel-shaped finishing tunnel, which is determined by fences or ropes and all runners can cross one by one. All participants pass through this tunnel while the number of candidates is written by the judges.


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