Tilda Swinton wore a fake penis for her second, Surprise role of Suspiria

adminOctober 11, 2018

Tilda Swinton is an acclaimed actress who is known for her ability to slip into new characters, almost disappearing in their roles. The presence of Swinton helps to have weight in his films, and his next release is the next remake of the horror classic. Suspiria. Swinton plays the terrifying Madame Blanc in the Luca Guadagnino version, but also has another role: male psychologist and third protagonist, Josef Klemperer.

The role of Tilda Swinton as Josef Klemperer was kept secret for a series of months, before the actress finally confirmed the rumors. Now it seems that his transformation into the villain psychoanalyst was more intense than the makeup, since he also had prosthetics … including synthetic male genitalia. The make-up artist Mark Coulier explained the role of Tilda in her. Suspiria look saying:

Well, I did not see it coming. While makeup and old age prosthetics are used relatively often in the movie world, no one could have predicted how strongly Tilda Swinton would feel about her fake genitalia. Or that she had taken them out on the set of Suspiria.

Mark Coulier's comments to The New York Times definitely give a glimpse of Tilda Swinton's perspective, and how she works as an actress. On the one hand, Swinton's attention to detail regarding his prosthesis shows how methodically he approaches his roles. But, on the other hand, his fondness for removing the luxurious parts of Klemperer while on the set reveals that he is a bit clumsy and does not take it too seriously.

As Suspiria was being filmed and edited, the role of Tilda Swinton as Josef Klemperer was kept secret. But the photos of the set revealed the character, and the spectators with eagle eyes put the pieces together. Still, both Tilda Swinton and director Luca Guadagnino denied their role in the film duel, claiming that the unknown actor Lutz Ebersdorf was playing the role.

Unfortunately, Lutz Ebersdorf does not exist at all, and Tilda Swinton will play 2/3 of SuspiriaThe main characters. This bit of information will add to the exaggeration surrounding the remake, as its trailers caused a horrific world of art and witchcraft. Luca Guadagnino has just been massively acclaimed by Call me by your name, so all eyes are on how your next release will be received.

Suspiria It is based on the iconic 1977 Italian classic film of the same name. The original is a discordant and horrifying supernatural experience, so there is a ton of pressure on the next adaptation.

Suspiria will hit theaters on October 26, 2018. Meanwhile, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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